Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Google's Googel

Have you tried Google's new search engine Googel yet? It's just like the regular google, but it looks different. No? Okay, good because its not real. However google does have 2 or more ways to do the same exact thing with more than one product. I find this quite confusing, and I wonder if anyone else feels the same way, or like me has just thought, "Why does google keep merging, and or separating, and then sometimes re-merging projects?"

Example, Allo and Duo, they work well together, but what about google hangouts. Wasn't that the whole premise of hangouts? Then they included a dialer, texting, and basically merged the product with google voice for a one stop shop for telecommunications in the web and mobile devices. However google voice still exists, and now allo and duo exist parallel to hangouts. NOW WE HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS, BUT WHICH ONE DO WE USE!?

Then on the total opposite spectrum we have gmail, its great has a nice web interface, its free, and it has a task manager built in. The task manager has been there for a long time, 3rd party apps have been made to sync them to your phone, but google never made an official one. Why not? They made an app called keep which has no integration to the task manager in gmail what so ever. So now we have to use 2? If your'e like me this isnt a huge deal as I mostly use 3rd party mail applications, like apple mail, to access my email, but what about those people who use the web client as the main interface. One would think spending lots of time in the web interface you would be inclined to use the built in task manager if you spend a lot of time in it, instead of the keep web interface. Dont even get me started on the gmail app vs the inbox mail app. Again both by google, but why? Is one geared more toward enterprise? If that is so I think they should market it as such, and perhaps that is why some of their apps die, marketing for new or improved products doesn't seem to be their strong suit.

If anyone out there in interweb land is reading this I would like to hear your thoughts, and comments.


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